Restaurant Review: Stone Hearth Pizza, Cambridge, MA

I have eaten at Stone Hearth several times.   This is not only a great place for gluten-free diners, but also localavores.  They make a conscientious effort to source from local suppliers and growers.  They highlight seasonal ingredients at reasonable prices.  Even most of the beers and sodas on offer come from local sources.  They offer gluten-free pizza and pasta and mark every item on the menu that is or can be made gluten-free.  Stone Hearth is a really nice little restaurant, perfect for a quick meal or take-out.

The dining area is small, but with a nice ambience.  This is a local, family-style restaurant and I have never eaten here without at least one (generally, screaming) child a table over.  If you are not in the mood for small children, you may want to consider take out.

The staff is really pleasant and very accommodating, but service is on the slow side.  On our most recent visit, there was a little mix up with my husband’s order: he asked for a BBQ pizza and they brought a buffalo chicken pizza.  I think the waiter just had a hard time hearing his order over aforementioned children at the table next to us.  That will not stop me from returning; they were very apologetic, corrected the order, and even offered us a free round of drinks.

During my most recent visit, I had the buffalo chicken pizza and my husband got a BBQ chicken pizza.  We shared an asparagus and orange salad.   The salad was good: the asparagus was perfectly blanched and went nicely with the arugula and orange slices, but the dressing lacked acidity and flavor.    I like chutzpah in my dressing.

The pizza is unbelievably good.  I used to love thin, crispy, Neapolitan-style crusts and Stone Hearth does a great job of making the gluten-free crust just as tasty and crispy as a wheat crust.  You can’t get that brick oven flavor and crunch with home-made, gluten-free crust.   The buffalo sauce was nice and spicy and nicely offset by a thoughtful drizzle of ranch sauce.  My husband said the BBQ pizza with wheat crust was very good: the BBQ sauce was spicy and sweet.

They even have gluten-free baked goods.  The chocolate chip cookies are crunchy and buttery.  I haven’t tried the brownies, yet, but they always look good.

Stone Hearth Pizza is at 1782 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA.  You can view their menu and other locations at:

G/F suitability: 5/5

Ambiance in 1 word: family-friendly

Taste: 5/5


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