Bakery: Cherry Bomb Cupcakes

**Cherry Bomb Cupcakes is now closed, what a shame!  I hope they come back with another location.**

On the advice of Boston Gal, who writes Bostononthego, I headed over to Cherry Bomb Cupcakes in Brighton.

My friend and I went on Friday.   At least half the cupcakes were vegan. I was really hoping that the chocolate cupcake with chocolate-covered bacon would be available g/f, but alas, I was sad to find that particular cupcake is not yet on the gluten-free menu.

My friend got a peanut butter cup cupcake (vegan), which looked amazing and she said tasted just as good.   I got a flourless chocolate cupcake, which amazing.  The cake tasted like a really light, fluffy brownie and the frosting was like a lightly sweetened marshmallow.  The frosting was nice, not overly sweet and complimented the chocolate cake.

(before, this is the flourless chocolate cupcake)                                                      (after…so tasty, not a crumb left!)

I spoke with the sales lady about their gluten-free offerings.  She said it depends on who the baker is that day.  The flavors they generally offer: flourless chocolate, vanilla, candied orange vanilla and red velvet.  Offerings change daily, so call in advance if you are looking for a particular flavor.  They may look to expand the g/f offerings in the future, but she was not sure.  I suggested that they post which flavors are g/f or vegan online and she said that they are working on that.

Cherry Bomb Cupcakes is located at 1271 Washington Street, Brighton, MA.

G/F suitability: 3/5

Ambiance in 1 word: retro

Taste: 5/5


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