Restaurant Review: Boca Grande, Brighton, MA

On the same day I went to Cherry Bomb Cupcakes, my friend and I grabbed a quick bite at Boca Grande, just down the block.

Boca Grande is a nice, informal eatery.  There is a cafeteria-style counter at the front and a self-serve soda machine on the side.  The seating area is really bright and inviting.  It has a nice ambiance.  I ordered tacos al pastor and my friend got nachos.

I asked the man at the register if the tacos had any gluten products in them, when that didn’t work, I ask if there was any wheat in them.  He called over another gentleman from the kitchen and I asked the questions again.  I explained I had an allergy to gluten.  They both shook their heads.

I finally asked them about each component: what is in the pork?  What is in the corn tortillas?  What is in the avocado cream?   They looked at me the whole time like I was a bit nutty.  I did not appreciate that. They did their best to answer my questions, but I was nervous that I would get sick later that night.

The tacos were really tasty.  The pork had a little bit of heat, which was nicely offset by the avocado cream on top.  My friend’s nachos were slightly less appetizing.  The nachos were just kind of a pile of chips with giant dollops of re-fried beans and a tiny bit of cheese and salsa sprinkled on top.

It’s a great place to grab a quick bite, but be prepared to ask a lot of questions.

Boca Grande has two locations, one in Cambridge and one in Brighton.  This review is only of the Brighton Location.

G/F suitability: 2/5

Ambiance in 1 word: sunny

Taste: 3/5


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