Restaurant Review: East Coast Grill

Feeling like a date on Saturday night, my husband and I decided to head over to Inman Square, Cambridge, to check out the East Coast Grill.

First sign it was going to be a good meal was the line out front.  After a short wait near the bar, we were seated in a small room behind the bar.  The wall was painted with a volcano, which lit up.

Our waiter reminded me of that guy from the new movie with Nicholas Cage. He was really nice. I asked about gluten-free options and was really pleased with the restaurant’s measures to ensure a safe dining experience for diners with allergies.

The waiter confirms your order is suitable before putting it through.  Not only does he note the allergy on the meal ticket, but he also includes a brightly colored card that serves as a backup to the ticket, flagging the order again as requiring special attention.  When the food arrived, the waiter brought the card back as a final confirmation that the order had seen its way through the kitchen safely.

Easy to read and understand!

I ordered the spicy mahi-mahi, which came perfectly cooked.  Sadly the spice rub did not pack much punch.  Disappointing, considering that East Coast hosts a hot sauce celebration called “Hell Night”.  The pineapple salsa was good and served over half a char-grilled avocado with roasted bananas, rice and beans.  The meal was great, but I found myself wishing for more spice and acid in the dish.  I wanted something to contrast with the creaminess of the avocado and fish.

My brother informs me that if you go, you should try to make reservations for a table near the open grill kitchen: they often give out little free samples to nearby diners.

East Coast Grill is at 1271 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA.  Their website:

G/F suitability: 4/5

Ambiance in 1 word: festive

Taste: 4/5


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