Restaurant Review: Tug Boats

We went biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail this weekend.  After our ride, we were super hungry.  So, I texted one of my friends who lives in the area for a recommendation.  She suggested Tug Boats in Hyannis.

Tug Boats is not on Hyannis’ Main Street, it is tucked away behind the hospital, near the marina.  It’s a really laidback, no frills seafood restaurant with a great view.   It had a very relaxed, friendly vibe.

After we placed our drink order, I asked the waitress if she could recommend any items on the menu that were or could be made gluten-free.  She told me she didn’t know what a gluten allergy was.

I dislike placing a modified order with someone who does not understand why I am making those changes.  Last time I did that, the waiter brought out my salad with a giant pile of croutons sitting on top and looked surprised when I asked him to correct the order.

Thankfully, before I even had to attempt a clarification, she offered to check and see if another member of the staff could speak with me.  Not two minutes later, a manager appeared.  He was clearly familiar with the allergy and was able to clarify which items were suitable.

It turns out that Tug Boats is actually a great place for gluten-free diners.  They are able to modify most of the menu.  Their fried fish is battered with regular flour, so that is a no-go.  However, they are able to modify other items by omitting bread crumbs, etc.  Tug Boats has a dedicated French fry fryer.  The fries have no flour coating and since there is no cross-contamination with the fish batter, the fries are safe.  They even offer gluten-free rolls and brownies.

I got honey-dijon bluefish.  I had never eaten bluefish before; the texture was similar to salmon and it tasted a lot like swordfish.  It was served with the fore-mentioned fries and some steamed veggies.  Simple, but tasty.

Tug Boats is located on Arlington Street in Hyannis.

G/F suitability: 5/5

Ambiance in 1 word: casual

Taste: 4/5


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