Bakery Review: Flour

Since Myer + Chang has a great gluten-free menu, I thought I would check out Joanne Chang’s bakery, Flour and just see if Flour stocked any gluten-free baked goods.

I entered Flour fully expecting them to have nothing suitable for celiacs, it’s a bakery.

This is a dacquoise, I had never seen one before

However, I was pleasantly surprised that their dacquoise (it’s like a napoleon with meringue instead of puff pastry layers) contained no gluten products.  It tasted a little like Nutella.  Yum.

I emailed Flour to see if there were any other items that would be free of gluten products and Joanne Chang immediately responded with these additional items: meringues, crème brulee and triple chocolate mousse cake.

Joanne also stated that their granola does not contain wheat flour.  It does, of course, contain oats, so it is not suitable for all celiacs (it’s really about the individual’s sensitivity to the protein found in oats).   Whether or not oats are suitable for celiacs is still in debate.  Kinnikinnick, a dedicated g/f manufacturer based in Canada, has a great explanation of why they do not use or plan to use oats in their products.

I thought the macaroons were gluten-free as well, but I was wrong.  The macaroons have pastry cream in them, which contains a bit of wheat flour.

Flour does try to provide some gluten-free options on a daily basis, including actual food pyramid items for lunch and dinner.  Check their website and for up to date menus.

The bakery staff is always friendly and willing to double-check ingredients.

To be really clear, any menu item at Flour that is free of gluten products, is still made in a bakery with said gluten products.  Flour does not have a separate area for making g/f products.

Flour is probably not suitable for people who have really severe reactions to any amount of gluten.

Oops, I think I pooted!

Once, I do end up smelling a little like my brother’s French bulldog, but I have not felt any pain or discomfort after eating at Flour.

Flour has three locations in Boston and Cambridge.


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