Review: Au Bon Pain, Copley

I just grabbed a soup at Au Bon Pain in the Copley Mall.  I always try to hit up the Copley: it is one of the few locations with both a salad bar (including big baked potatoes) and a soup bar.  ABP does have a good selection of gluten free menu items.

Their soup bar has individual tags for each pot of soup.  In addition to the name and description of the soup, they also identify the allergens in each soup or its healthful attributes (ie – low sodium, low fat).   Today there were only two options for g/f diners on the soup bar: French Moroccan lentil and black bean.  I was disappointed that their butternut squash and apple soup contains wheat.  I used to really like that one.

I tried the French Moroccan lentil soup, which was ok.  It was not overly salty, but otherwise it was pretty bland and unremarkable.  The broth appeared watered down, with only a vague suggestion of the promised tomatoes and lentils.  Some cumin or other spices would have been a nice addition.  I don’t mind thin soups, but if it is going to be thin, give it flavor!

ABP is a good place for g/f diners.  Though the food is far from amazing, each ABP location I have visited has a nutrition binder or computer out on the floor for customer review.  In addition, allergen information is frequently copied over to display boards.

G/F friendly: 4/5

Ambiance in one word: utilitarian

Taste: 2/5


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