Review: Taj Boston

My friend invited me to a Mary Poppins preview at the Taj last night.  It was a great event: one of the original film song writers (Richard Sherman of the Sherman Brothers) sang some of the songs.  He also talked a little about how he and his brother came up with the plot and score for the original film.  Some of the actors were there and sang a few songs.  They sang one of the new songs developed for the stage, which nicely matches the tone of the original songs.

The new songs were written by Anthony Drewe and George Stiles.  My friend and I had actually worked with them on their first US production of Just So, which is a musical based on the Rudyard Kipling stories.  These gents are not only really talented, but also really nice.  It was great to hear their music again: they create really fun and witty songs / productions.   I would highly recommend seeing any of their shows!

It opens in February, so if you are contemplating a special night on the town, I think the production is going to be fantastic.  At least now I know what to get my mother for Christmas.

Before the little presentation, they had a cocktail hour with some passed hor d’oeuvres.  One of the waiters was kind enough to actually go back and confirm which items were gluten-free.  As soon as my friend said gluten allergy, he knew exactly what we were talking about and went back to ensure that he got a complete list of the gluten-free items.  It turned out I could have 3 of the 6 items being passed: the polenta with tomatoes, the bacon wrapped scallops and a feta and olive bite.

I am not a big olive fan, so I did not try the feta and olive bite.  I know, I should be more adventurous, but I just can’t get past the texture…  I did try the polenta, which was delicious, really soft and creamy: nicely balanced against the tomatoes on top.  The bacon wrapped scallop was fantastic.  They had some kind of honey glaze on bacon or the scallop which just made me want to follow the gentleman with the scallop tray around the room.    My husband could not stop eating the egg rolls and the chicken dumplings.

The wine was also good.  I tried their cabernet, which was good.  I do not know much about wine.  All I can say is that I like it; the wine was fruiter than most reds I have consumed, very nice.  I also liked that it didn’t leave me with that weird wine aftertaste.

I have never eaten in the Taj dining room or the café that they have.   I am guessing, given the events staffs’ understanding, their other dining rooms will be equally accommodating and knowledgeable about food allergies.   My experience with their events staff does make me want to return to the Taj and try out their dining rooms.  Of course I will have to wait for a special occasion given the cost…

Rating System:

G/F friendly: 4 of 5

Ambiance in one word: classy

Food Taste and Quality: 5 of 5


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