Restaurant Review: Kelly’s Roast Beef

Sometimes you just need something fried.   When you have Celiac, suitable fried foods are difficult to come by, which is why I am so glad that Kelly’s Roast Beef in Saugus does their best to accommodate allergies.  This local chain has a few locations around metro Boston.

The first time I went in after my diagnosis, I expected that they would not be able to accommodate me.  However, Kelly’s does seem to have solid procedures in place for people with allergies.  A manager takes orders for those with food allergies.  There are a number of items that are pre-prepared that cannot be made specially to suit a gluten allergy (i.e. – chicken tenders and onion rings).

The good news is that their fries have no gluten products on them and they are fried in a separate fryer.   Their cheese fries with bacon are mighty tasty.  I have checked the cheese sauce (they actually brought out the jar for me to see because they weren’t sure if it s was g/f) and it does have a stabilizer listed in the ingredients.  I risked it the first time, fully expecting to get sick and didn’t.  I have had them several times since and never had an issue.  I don’t know if the stabilizer listed is a barley derivative or not, so if you are hypersensitive, I would probably not risk the cheese fries…

The first few times I went, the manager had some cornmeal in the back and was able to batter up some fish and fry fresh for me.  He even went into the back and did it himself.  So nice!

However, on my most recent visits, I have been told that they don’t keep generally keep cornmeal in the back (I am not sure why the other manager did have cornmeal hanging around out back, but don’t expect them to have it on hand).  Happily, the manager did say that if I brought my own gluten-free flour, he would batter up the fish and fry it specially.  I don’t know if the managers at the other locations would agree to the same.

I haven’t had any salads at Kelly’s, but they do have them.  But who goes to a place like Kelly’s and orders salad?  That just seems wrong…

Keep in mind that I am only writing about my experiences in the Saugus location, the other locations may have different policies in place for accommodating food allergies.

G/F friendly: 3 of 5

Ambiance: gourmet fast-food

Food Taste and Quality: 3 of 5


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Kelly’s Roast Beef

  1. Kelly’s now has Gluten Free buns for their delicious roast beef sandwiches! I was happy to find this out and have been to the one in Saugus 3 times since. They are a bit crumbly, but the bun is merely a delivery mechanism for the delicious roast beef!!

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