Restaurant Review: Chili Duck

I was really spoiled on my birthday and taken out to lunch by some work friends.  We headed over to one of my favorite lunch sports, Chilli Duck, which is located in a brownstone basement, a stone’s throw from the Apple Store on Boylston.

The first time I went in, I was really expecting it to be dark, but it’s very casual and clean with lots of pastel colors throughout.

The menu is huge.  Chilli Duck is mostly Thai food, but they also serve some Vietnamese dishes.   I have eaten there at least six times and always found them willing to accommodate gluten allergies.  The staff are great: they listen, take notes and talk to the kitchen.  I would recommend that you make it clear that soy sauce is included in the list of no-go ingredients.

Chilli Duck seems to have a fair selection of dishes sans gluten.  I cannot remember all the items they pointed to when I explained my allergy, but I do remember the Thai curries are safe.  I have personally tried their mango fried rice with chicken (a huge portion for eight dollars) and their fo (pho if you want to use the standard transliteration).

The pho has a really nice broth with strong lime flavors and lots of fresh veggies.

The mango fried rice is a little on the oily side, but that does not stop it from being addictively tasty.  There are big chunks of chicken and mango throughout, as well as veggies and cashews.  The mango and veggies are a nice balance to the slightly greasy rice and keep the dish from feeling too heavy.  It is a very mild dish, so I was looking around the table for rooster sauce…

rooster sauce a/k/a sriracha sauce

Chilli Duck also has a big cocktails menu.  I wanted to try a couple of their speciality drinks, but it was lunchtime.  So I stuck with the Thai iced tea (great) and will just have to head back there after work one day to try their adult beverage selection.  Anyone up for a drink next week?

Heart hands and thanks to my friends for a great lunch!

G/F friendly: 3 of 5

Ambiance in one word: pastel

Food Taste and Quality: 4 of 5


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