Restaurant Review: Legal Sea Foods

I heart Legal Sea Foods.

Legal Sea Foods has a number of locations through Boston and area suburbs.  Legal also has a test kitchen down by the Harbor, which I have never been to, but hear is a lot of fun.

Even if you do not like fish, this is a nice place to eat.  They do have a number of non-seafood options.

The restaurant has a nice ambiance: it’s pretty much the same at all locations: dim lighting, well-spaced tables, large banquettes and little waterfall features.  I like that despite its extensive seafood offerings, none of the locations I have visited smell fishy.

Dining here is always very easy.  Every Legal staff member I have spoken to is well-trained on food allergies.  They don’t even have to call over a manager.  Legal caters to a lot of different allergies.  On a recent trip to the Burlington location, the waitress mentioned that she had worked with a large party for almost a half-hour to accommodate all the allergies around the table.

While you browse their extensive gluten-free menu, try some of their warm gluten-free rolls.  So tasty.  Husband likes the taste of them as well, even though he gets his own gluten-y rolls.

I am a huge fan of their pan-fried chickpea flour calamari.  They also have gluten-free, pan-fried French fries.

In addition to the fry-o-later fix, Legal offers a variety of appetizers, soups, salads with gluten-free croutons and a number of other fish dishes and sides.  I have tried a lot of them and they are all really great.

Legal has a separate prep area for gluten-free foods.  Even if you are ordering something that does not have gluten, like edamame, let the staff know about your allergy.  They still prep it in the g/f area to avoid cross-contamination.

This is a rather pricey, but excellent option for gluten-free diners.  It is worth an occasional splurge.  I would highly recommend going here, especially if you are just starting out on your gluten-free dietary adventures.

Legal makes dining out with allergies painless.  I especially appreciate their dedication to promoting allergy awareness.

g/f friendly: 5 out of 5

taste and quality of food: 5 out of 5


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