Product Review: Shabtai Gourmet Rainbow Cookies

While waiting for Fro Yo at Forty Carrots (by the way, is anyone else excited about the Pinkberry on Newbury Street?), I started to stare longingly at some boxes of rainbow cookies and half moon cookies.  I know, I shouldn’t taunt myself by staring at such things like that.  It always makes me long for the good old days when gluten didn’t kick me in the intestines, but then I noticed with delight and surprise: the packages said “gluten-free” in big letters.  I was so excited, I almost started dancing like my cat does when I pull out the Temptations.  It looks a little like this:

So I bought a box of the Shabtai Gourmet Rainbow Cookies.  Shabtai Gourmet is a Kosher baker (see below for importance).  For a dozen cookies (12 oz), it was 10 dollars.  My jaw dropped a little, but it was a pretty crap weekend otherwise, so what the heck?  And when I thought about it later, I realized a pound of rainbow cookies at a Jewish deli in NYC would be about 12 dollars a pound anyway, so it turns out, not that much more expensive.

Mmmmm. Rainbow-y tastiness!

The cookies were worth every penny.  They were really amazingly good.  They were made with almond flour, so they have a nice, naturally sweet and nutty flavor.  In between each cake layer were alternating layers of apricot and raspberry preserves, which went perfectly with the nutty layers of cake.  There was a thin layer of rich dark chocolate around the outside.  Heavenly.   They are not the least bit dry or gritty.  Just little kosher bites of heaven.

For the price, these are certainly not an everyday treat, but well worth the extra cash on an otherwise crap weekend.

My next conquest: the half moon cookie.

When surfing Chowhound as part of this post, I remembered that some Jewish treats, in order to be kosher for passover, do not contain wheat flour.  Here is a recipe for rainbow cookies, that I hope to post pictures of and try myself soon!


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Shabtai Gourmet Rainbow Cookies

  1. Yes, Shabtai Rainbow cookies are surprisingly good. But I’m curious about the term “half-moon cookie”. Back in the old country (Brooklyn), that’s a black-and-white cookie. Where is the term “half-moon” from?

    • I don’t know, we call them half-moon cookies here in Boston, maybe it is a regional thing? I did hear them called black and whites when I lived in NYC! Either way, they are super delicious. Thanks for reading!

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