Bar Review: The Sevens

One of the few places left without a website, The Sevens on Charles St., is the kind of local pub that you wish was on every corner.  As soon as my friend and I walked in, the bartender came by and started chatting.  I had to admit, given that I noticed there is no full bar, as far as I could tell,  just beer (and later I noticed, wine), I was betting it would be ginger ale for me, but they had appropriate options.

Apparently, the bartender had recently ordered a case of Redbridge, for a regular.  She said if I was going to come back, she would order more.  The Sevens also stocks Magners cider, which is another great gluten-free option.  They also have wine available, so there are a few options for gluten-free guests.  The drinks are cheap, less than seven dollars for two beers.  The bartender was very nice and immediately knew what gluten-free beer was.  She was interested in what a gluten allergy entailed (i.e. – wheat, barley and rye) and how it affected me.

The bar itself is has a worn, comfortable look.  The decor is sparse and unpretentious.  The tables are positioned close together between pew-like benches and wooden chairs.  The bar filled up quickly for a Monday night, by 6 p.m., it was jam-packed.  There are dart boards in the back.   A big plus: the bathrooms are very clean and tidy.  Awesome!

I did not try any of the food they serve, but the staff was so nice, I am sure they would do their best to accommodate.

g/f friendly: 4 out of 5

overall: 5 out of 5


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