Restaurant Review: Wagamama

I am not sure why I am just posting about Wagamama now.  I go here all the time.  There are three locations around Boston and Cambridge; mostly, I frequent the one near my office in the Prudential Center.  I have been to all of them and found them all equally accommodating.  First of all: props to a venue that can accommodate a range of dietary needs.  I sometimes go with a vegan friend and we are each able to pick from about 4 or 5 items on the menu.

Wagamama does not have a gluten-free menu per say, but they do mark with an exclamation point those items that can be made gluten-free.  When you order, you do need to alert the staff that you have an allergy, just to make sure that they prepare the item correctly: the kitchen may need to make substitutions.

The wait-staff make take your order and just send the manager over to confirm the food allergy, or they may say that the manager will be over to take allergy orders.  I have had them go both ways.

The restaurants are all typical long benches with hard wooden seats.  It makes it difficult to sit for too long.  After about an hour, you start to think about how much your butt is starting to ache.  Sometimes these long benches mean that you end up sitting next to a really annoying bird with a loud voice, going on about a variety of stupid subjects.  Amusing sometimes: asinine and irritating others.

I think at this point I have tried all four or five of the gluten-free items on the menu.  They are all pretty tasty.  The dishes themselves are mostly just fresh veggies / meat and noodles.   There is really nothing remarkable about them, no unbelievable sauces or broths.  It is nice to go out for lunch and get something fresh and healthy.    I would highly recommend the chicken itame, it’s a soup with fresh lime juice and cilantro.  Yum!

g/f friendly: 5 out of 5

taste and quality of food: 3 out of 5


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