Product Review: Kinnikinnick Maple Donuts

I heart donuts.  As a kid, I looked forward to Saturday mornings because my dad would either make pancakes or take us to Dunkin’ Donuts and let us pick out an assortment.  I loved the long neat rows of donuts coated in beautiful colored frostings and glazes and mounded with sugary toppings.  This love of donuts may be why I was a chubby kid…as I got older and realized that a donut was more of a dessert item than a nutritious breakfast, I ate them less frequently, but never stopped loving that combination of slightly soft cake and sickly sweet glaze.

Sometimes, while waiting in line for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, I stare longingly at the donuts.  I sometimes wonder if a donut and the accompanying Proustian memory would be worth the 2 hours laid on the bathroom floor wishing I could puke.

Well, I don’t have to do that now.  I recently read about Kinnikinnick’s Maple Donuts online and decided to give them a try.  They come in the freezer section, which I am always dubious of, but other reviewers had given these donuts great reviews.  They are as good as everyone says.

The donuts are small, and at a dollar per donut, at first I was miffed that I had paid so much for such small donuts.  But like so many gluten-free products, they are pretty filling, so with a little yogurt or fruit, these do make a nice breakfast.

The donut cake is rich and dense.  It is not overly sweet, which is nice because the maple glaze is very sweet.  Together the donut and glaze balance each other out to make a tasty bite.


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