Product Review: Whole Foods Prairie Bread

I recently came across this bread in the freezer section of Whole Foods.  I had been looking for a more nutty bread, as an alternative to Trader Joe’s truly wonderful gluten-free French rolls.

It is a bit tough when eaten cold (defrosted, but not otherwise warmed up), like most gluten-free breads.  I won’t take any points off for that.

Toasted or otherwise warmed, this bread has a nice nutty flavor: it is full of pumpkin and poppy seeds.  The bread makes a great sandwich.  Watch out, I find it incredibly filling, so it is a good thing the bread slices are a little on the small side.

A loaf of prairie bread is six dollars, which seems like a lot, but you do get about 16 slices of bread.  The slices are small, but like most whole-grain breads, it’s quite filling.  As far as gluten-free breads go, this is a good deal.


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