Restaurant Review: Mexico Lindo

Mexico Lindo is located in Melrose, right on the main drag.  It has certain charms, but also certain drawbacks.   I was intrigued when my friend told me that they have margaritas the size of a sink basin and a Mariachi band on Wednesdays.

Mexico Lindo is almost always packed.  It’s got a good vibe.  The space is brightly painted with lots of murals.  The windows are covered with tapestries, which makes the restaurant look a little shady from the street.  The service is pretty mediocre.

The chips and salsa are delicious. The margaritas are tasty, cheap and served in cactus glasses.  Since I have had trouble with margarita mixes in the past (some mixes contain barley), I was happy to find one that doesn’t leave me feeling like Freddy Krueger is wending his way through my intestinal tract. 

They have a really extensive menu.  I would love more of it: however, the wait-staff has told me they can only suggest the fajitas (veggie, chicken or beef) with corn tortillas for a gluten allergy.  I am not sure if everything there really is made with some form of gluten or they just do not fully understand gluten allergies. I have to be honest, sometimes my husband offers to take me here and I decline if I am not in the mood to explain my food allergy over and over / be really on guard throughout the meal.

Actually, when considering my experiences here, fajitas are the best choice: it’s basically grilled meat/veggies and some rice, beans, salad garnish, sour cream and guacamole.  A few times, they have brought flour tortillas instead of the requested corn: luckily, I can smell the difference (weird, right?).  The food itself is tasty, I like their refried beans and the seasoning they use on the chicken, onion and peppers.  The only big drawback, the food is greasy, like Philly cheesesteak greasy.

I would recommend being vigilant when dining here with a food allergy. Ask a lot of questions and make sure you check they have brought corn tortillas.

Regardless, the fajitas are delicious.  And so are the ‘ritas.

g/f friendly: 2 out of 5

taste and quality of food: 3 out of 5


One thought on “Restaurant Review: Mexico Lindo

  1. I am a regular at Mexico Lindo. the Carne Asada has always agreed with me as well as the braised pork and the shrimp and rice over lettuce.

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