Cookbooks: Babycakes

When I discovered Babycakes in NYC, I cheered!  I bought this book as soon as it came out.  I have a few vegan friends and like being able to bake for glutards and vegans in one fell, tasty swoop.


  • The recipes produce tasty baked goods with a pleasing texture.  Pretty amazing feat considering the lack of gluten, refined sugars and animal products.
  • This book really focuses on healthful eating.  Babycakes uses a lot of coconut and bean flours to help us g/f bakers get some much needed fiber.  Combine the fiber with the low-glycemic sweetner, agave nectar and you have a healthy, filling breakfast or snack.
  • I sometimes find that bean flour overwhelms the taste of the baked goods, but the combination of ingredients keeps this from happening.
  • Nothing comes out overly sweet.


  • This book touts itself as being gluten-free, but frequently uses spelt flour, which does contain gluten and is not suitable for celiacs or other gluten allergies. Babycakes says that they have procedures to avoid cross-contamination between products with spelt and those that are truly gluten-free.  I don’t mind the inclusion of spelt, but I wish that Babycakes had also provided a truly gluten-free alternative/substitute.  In order to really take advantage of lots of the receipes, I have had to experiment a lot in order to find suitable replacements.  I buy gluten-free cookbooks to avoid this process.
  • Several ingredients frequently used in this book are relatively pricey.  The price of agave nectar has come down a lot recently, but a small jar of coconut oil is more expensive than anything else I have seen on the baking aisle.  I tried to buy this at the local Super 88, however, the coconut oil purchased there tasted literally like vomit.  I had to brush my teeth 3 times to get rid of the taste.  Lesson learned: don’t cheap on the coconut oil.  It’s not good.

This is certainly great inspiration, but given the amount of recipes containing gluten, it won’t be your go to reference guide.  I still love you, Babycakes and plan to visit you every time  I am able!


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