Product Review: KinniToo’s, a gluten-free Oreo style cookie

KinniToos Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies are delightful. They are better than Oreo’s and almost as good as my former favorite sandwich cookie, the Trader Joe’s Joe Joe.

Though priced at 6 USD for 8 oz (1/2 lb) of cookie at Shaw’s (I think that is quite steep, even for g/f), the quality of the product almost merits the price tag.

Credit: Kinnikinnick Website

The cookie is made with real cocoa powder and the cocoa flavor is far superior to that sickly sweet, fake chocolate taste of an Oreo.  The cookies are not overly sweet: they have a rich flavor reminiscent of dark chocolate.  The cookies are light, which is hard to achieve with gluten-free cookies, often they come out like little bricks.  The texture is also pleasing.  Typical of gluten-free products, there is a slightly more grainy texture than with old-fashioned, silky, gluten flour, however, it is barely noticeable, particularly when eaten as a sandwich cookie.

The smooth texture helps to smooth out the aforementioned graininess of the cookie.  The vanilla flavor is nice and does not taste artificial.  The cream is just a touch sweeter than the cookie.  The biggest drawback is how little cream is used in the cookies.  It’s like two little U’s of cream: there is even a hole in the middle.  WTF, Kinnikinnick, WTF.

As a result, the whole sandwich cookie is a little drier than an Oreo or a Joe Joe.  If Kinnikinnick just fixes the cream issue, this may actually be on the same level as the Joe Joe.


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