Review: Papa Razzi

Papa Razzi has taken over the old Bouchee venue on Newbury Street.  Outside is a generous patio, which made me think of the coming spring and summer with high hopes. Inside, the restaurant is sophisticated and clean, but comfortable and unpretentious.

Mario, the waiter came over immediately with bread.  When I my allergy; he immediately offered to go heat up some gluten-free bread (tasty, but I suspect just heated up g/f pizza crust, but hey, they offer something for us g/f diners).

The service through the meal is excellent.  Mario, was attentive throughout the meal and the courses were well-spaced.  When an obnoxious group of people stopped in front of our table and just stood there talking loudly and gesticulating into our personal space, Mario came right over and moved them along nicely.

The menu is extensive, however they don’t have a lot of creamy dishes on the menu.  We were told that the kitchen is able to prepare alfredo or other cream sauce upon request.

Mario was clearly knowledgeable about food allergies.  Papa Razzi has gluten-free pastas and pizza.  Since everything is made fresh to order, they can modify just about anything on the menu according to your needs.

To start, we ordered the Mozzarella Con Prosciutto.  The dish was simple but tasty, hunks of mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto served with roasted peppers. It came to the table with balsamic vinegar, to balance out the creaminess of the mozzarella, but I found the parsley garnish was the most effective way to balance the flavors.

In addition to an extensive menu, there were also a lot of specials on offer for Valentine’s Day.  I tried the sea bass with gorgonzola polenta and roasted butternut squash.  Husband had fettuccini with pink sauce and lobster meat.

The lobster and pasta dish looked and, according to husband, tasted great.  The sea bass was well cooked with nice big chunks of pepper, though I do think the dish would have been elevated if it had been prepared as originally intended, with breadcrumbs and prosciutto.  Without that topping it was a nice, but plain piece of fish.  The butternut squash was cooked with cinnamon, which was a nice balance with the gorgonzola polenta.  The polenta was nice and smooth and was not overwhelmed by the gorgonzola.  It was a really nice dish.  The portions were generous: I had to box up half the meal to take home!

The drinks list is just as extensive as the menu and just as good.  I had a nice glass of wine with dinner.  Husband had beer.  Afterwards, I had a Limoncello.  Husband had the blueberry lemonade, which was sweet enough that I couldn’t taste the alcohol.

Overall, this was a great night out.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely return.

G/F Friendly: 5 out of 5

Taste and Quality of Food: 4.5 out of 5


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