Product Review: Life is Good Brown Rice Bread

Life is Good Brown Rice Bread was the first gluten-free bread I tried.  When husband picked up the loaf off the shelf, he got a funny look on his face and silently handed me the loaf.  It weighed a lot.  When I tried to give a little squish squish, I got nothing.  It was like squeezing a brick wrapped in felt.  I did not get a good feeling about the product. 

When we got home, I made some grilled cheese sandwiches.  As soon as I bit into the bread, I started to cry.  No joke.    Life was not good.  Not knowing where to shop or what options were available, I was devastated that this was the bread I might be forced to eat for the rest of my life.

This bread is awful.  It’s dense and unpalatable.  When you bite into the bread, even when slathered in butter and cheese, it’s like chewing on raw flour.  It’s dry and the texture is gritty. The flavor is really weird: like cardboard with fruit juice poured on it. 

It has not improved in the intervening two years.  If you have any other options at the store, even if they are more expensive, cough up that money if you can, or just not buy bread.  Your money is better spent on just about any other product.  This bread sucks.

This bread makes me as sad as the little girl on the left!


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