Product Review: Udi’s Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll

Image by pamramsey via Flickr

 Udi’s Cinnamon Rolls are really tasty.   Thirty seconds in the microwave, a little squirt of cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a great gluten-free breakfast is ready. The cinnamon roll itself is less buttery than most cinnamon rolls (like Cinnabon or Pillsbury). The bread has a strong cinnamon flavor and is not too sweet. The bread has a palatable, chewy texture and good flavor.  As with many gluten-free breads, the roll is a bit more dense than would be expected of a regular gluten-y product.  Udi’s Cinnamon Rolls remind me of monkey bread or a yeasted coffee cake / cinnamon bread.  The cinnamon cream cheese frosting is tasty, but I do wish that they would rethink the packaging.

There are four cinnamon rolls in a box. However, the frosting comes in two large packets, rather than four small ones. So if you eat one at a time, you end up with a half of a packet kind of oozing around, just waiting to leak onto whatever it is sitting on. I was slightly disappointed to find the frosting on the thin side, which I suppose is good for squeezing out onto the roll, but I found myself wishing for that familiar cream cheese-y, thick frosting from Cinnabon.

I ended up spreading a little cream cheese around on the roll and then squeezing out the Udi’s frosting on top. Then it is much more like Cinnabon frosting.

When I first saw the packaging, my jaw dropped at the 330 calories per roll. After having had one for breakfast every day for the better part of a week, I can honestly say that the initial calorie punch does not come from sugar that will leave you hungry an hour later. These are satisfying: after eating the cinnamon roll in the morning, I did not have my normal mid-morning snack(s).


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