Bakery Review: Glutenus Minimus, Belmont

I have been meaning to try Glutenus Minimus for about three months, but can never find a reason to swing by.  Tucked off the beaten path, near downtown Belmont, Glutenus Minimus is a gluten-free bakery with a wide array of products, including breads, baked goods and ready-made mixes.

They do not use the front of the bakery well: the layout makes it difficult to peruse their many offerings.  The counter is so far forward that it is hard to queue up.  The bread is stocked off to one side kind of behind the counter.  The ready mixes are behind the door and next to the register. 

There are no prices on the mixes or any of baked goods, nor is there a board anywhere in the bakery stating their prices.  Gluten-free products can be expensive, so I like to budget accordingly while waiting in line rather than waiting for the cashier to announce a total.

Before heading over, I checked out some of the reviews on  They were consistent with my experience: the attitude of the staff varies greatly.  One of the women working at the counter was very bright and sunny.  She was willing to make suggestions and seemed to know which items would be suitable for egg or dairy allergies.  However, the cashier was a little surly and seemed generally annoyed to be there.

The sugar cookie was ok.  The texture was a little dense and crumbly.  There was a distinct bean flavor, which always leaves a strange after-taste.  The cookie was not sugary, so the icing and sugar crystals on top made the cookie a satisfying but not overwhelmingly sweet treat.  The recipe could use a little tweaking, but overall it was not a bad cookie.

The coconut key lime cake was delicious.  Gluten-free or not, this was a superior cake.  It the flavors were really well-balanced.  The coconut and lime flavors were prominent, but not overwhelming.  The cake itself had a smooth texture and was very moist, even after being on the counter over night.  There was no aftertaste.  The icing glaze was delicious and held lots of toasted coconut goodness to the top of the cake.  Definitely try this cake. 

The price tag for both items was surprisingly reasonable, just $4.56 for both.

Overall, while this bakery could use a little more business-savvy presentation, the baked goods are flavorful and fresh.  The prices are reasonable.  It’s definitely a great fledgling bakery and a great addition to gluten-free options here in the Boston area.


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