Boston Area G/F Beers, just in time for the BBQ

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With Memorial Day approaching, it seemed like the time to celebrate the upcoming summer season with a post on gluten-free beer.  A good gluten-free beer is hard to come by.  The range of gluten-free beers on the market is limited: there are no seasonal blends, no weiss beers or Guiness, just gluten-free beer.  We don’t even get light beer.

The toughest thing about gluten-free beer: how hard it is to come by a selection.  A lot of places have one or two varieties on the shelf, but it is hard to find a store that stocks even two brands.   There are a number of online options, but these are only a few currently or soon will be available here in the Metro Boston area.  This article only lists products currently or soon to be available in eastern Massachusetts.

Currently Available:

Bard’s Tale: The sorghum gives the beer a lighter, slightly sweet taste.  The sorghum flavor is nice and lends itself well to beer.  There is a strong, bitter aftertaste.  Bard’s Tale is pretty widely available at both local liquor stores and a few bars, including the Kinsale.

Green’s:  It’s on the pricey side, but the flavor is great and there is no aftertaste.  It has the flavor of a light ale.  Green’s has a more extensive line available overseas, but there are only a few products available here.  Oddly, many wine stores stock Green’s, such as Central Bottle and Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits.

Redbridge:  Props to Anheuser Busch for even having a gluten-free beer in their list. It’s a good beer, just a little hoppy for my tastes.  The aftertaste is strong and malty.  This is available at larger liquor stores and also at many bars, including The Sevens on Charles Street and Charley’s Kitchen in Harvard Square.

Sprecher Brewery produces two gluten-free beers: Shakparo and Mbege.   Shakparo is a sorghum and millet beer.  The Mbege is a banana beer, which sounds unusual and perfect for summer.  this is stocked locally by Seaboard products.  They do have these beers in house, you can pick them up by contacting them via

Available soon:

Monzono – this beer is a pilsner available in Europe.  It is in the process of being imported locally to Holyoke, MA by a small company.  When I hear more about its Boston area availability, I will post an update.

Ramapo Valley Brewery Honey Beer: I haven’t tried this yet, but it is not only gluten-free, but also Kosher!   I emailed the distributor and they let me know that they are still trying to obtain a license to brew and distribute their products.  I will certainly be checking their website for updates as this seems like an interesting and unusual beer.

We can dream, can’t we:

Sam Adams, when, oh when will you craft a gluten-free beer or at least some sort of a cider? Sam Adams was kind enough to let me know that they are researching the possibility of a gluten-free product with their brewers to see if this would be a viable option.

The more people that email them to suggest a gluten-free beer, the more likely they are to produce it!  Please email them if you like good beer.

If you know of a gluten-free beer available locally that I have not dug up, please email me, I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Boston Area G/F Beers, just in time for the BBQ

  1. Ball Square Wine and Spirits on the Somerville/Medford line has a number of gluten free beers, and they are planning a GF Beer Tasting some time later this year!

    You also didn’t mention New Grist, which is out of Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee. It’s a pretty good beer, but I really liked Bard’s.

  2. Downtown Wine & Spirits and Pemberton Market also both sell New Gist.

    Estrella is another Gluten Free beer that is good. I think it tastes the most like regular beer out of the several I have tasted (Bard’s, all 3 of Greene’s offerings, Redbridge, Estrella, and New Gist). They carry is at Urban Grape in Chestnut Hill, and at Liquor World in Porter Square. It’s a Spanish beer, made with Barley Malt that has been stripped of gluten (containing less than 6 parts per million).

    I’m not gluten free by my best friend is, so I’ve done a lot of tasting with her and find myself researching

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