Buckwheat’s Gluten-Free: a Statement of Fact and Brand of Bread

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When I headed up to Hooksett, New Hampshire for a gluten-free tasting event at Natural Choice Market, I happened to meet Jeff, the baker behind Buckwheat’s Gluten Free Bakery.

Just to clarify, because this confused me at first, buckwheat is gluten-free.  For a long time, I had assumed that buckwheat is a gluten product derived from regular wheat flour.  Once I was diagnosed with celiac and started researching gluten-free baking, I realized that buckwheat is not related to wheat at all.  Buckwheat is actually a starchy seed, produced by a plant native to Asia, which grows on a tree (thank you Miriam Webster).

Since it was a gluten-free tasting event, I got a chance to taste three products offered by Buckwheat’s Gluten-Free.

They offer a sandwich bread, just a basic, white bread.  It has a soft, appealing texture, similar to regular bread and a nice flavor.  It tastes similar to Rudi’s bread, but is not as crumbly.

They also offer a nice Tuscan herb baguette, which is delicious.  It has a really nice herb flavor; light and versatile.   It works perfectly for bruschetta.    The loaf kept on the counter for several days.  It was fine without toasting for about two days, after that, it dried out a bit, but per Jeff’s suggestion, I toasted it in the oven.  Then it tasted pretty much like fresh baked (good grilled cheese).

I also sampled the dark whole grain bread. This bread is heartier than the sandwich bread.  I like that the brown bread has little nuts and seeds and the varieties of flours used created a nice, dark, rich flavor.  I would use this like pumpernickel bread; in fact this is the best pumpernickel-ish bread I have had since my diagnosis.  It didn’t quite have that same sharp flavor, it’s a bit sweeter than pumpernickel, but does have that strong, dense flavor that would go well with ham or a nice reuben.

Buckwheat’s Gluten Free also offers muffins, pizza crusts and hamburger rolls.

Right now, Buckwheat’s Gluten Free is sold mostly around Southern New Hampshire, but Jeff just started the business about a year and half ago, so it is just getting started and will hopefully be available closer to metro Boston soon.

Currently their products are available at:

Earthward Natural Foods, Amherst, NH: www.earthwardnatural.com

Natural Choice Market, Hooksett, NH: www.naturalchoicemarketnh.com

Nature’s Green Grocer, Peterborough, NH: www.naturesmarketcafe.com

Lull Farm, Milford or Hollis, NH

The Good Leaf, Milford, NH

Amigo’s Mexican Cantina Milford & Merrimack, NH: www.amigosmilford.com


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