40 Carrots: Another Bloomingdales Bargain

I heart Bloomingdales.  When I lived in NYC, I used to go to the flagship store after work on a weekly basis.  I would get lost for ages in the racks of stylish clothes and furniture.

Lucky for me, there is a huge Bloomingdale’s at the Chestnut Hill Mall, which may be lacking in some areas (please start carrying Anya Hindmarch), but makes up for those by having a branch of the Bloomingdale’s café, 40 Carrots near the make up counters.  Interior Shot of my shopping mecca

40 Carrots is the perfect places for ladies who lunch.  Their menu seems to have been designed for those trying to maintain a trim figure.  The menu focuses on salads, lean meats, fish and their signature frozen yogurt.  Everything is light and fresh.  The menu also lends itself well to diners with food allergies (at least gluten and egg allergies, I think dairy may be a little harder).

When I head out here for a morning of bargain hunting, I like to hit up their carryout line for a smoothie.  While all their frozen yogurts are gluten-free, do be careful with the toppings and smoothies.  They do have some gluten-y toppings and many of their smoothies contain wheat grass.

Make sure you let them know you are gluten-free so they can confirm that your smoothie / toppings are gluten-free.  The staff seems to be well trained: I haven’t received a blank stare yet and many times they have made helpful suggestions.  I always ask that they rinse the blender an extra time before making my smoothie, to minimize contamination.  It does taste as good as it looks.

The yogurt is fantastic.  I would say it matches my favorite, BerryLine for flavor and creaminess.  My favorite flavor is original, but their strawberry comes in a strong second.

In addition to the carry out section (yogurt and soup only, I think), 40 Carrots has a seated dining area.  The dining area is clean and almost clinical in its chic, streamlined décor.  I have never seen a line here, which is odd because the food is excellent and reasonably priced (the NYC location always has a line).  I have eaten at 40 Carrots several times.  Each time, I have found the wait staff to be helpful and more than willing to accommodate my allergy.  They often have guidance on which menu items could be modified to suit my needs and are always willing to confirm my order with the kitchen.

On my most recent visit, I went with Husband, who ordered a sandwich.  I ordered the Sonoma chicken salad on lettuce instead of bread.  The chicken salad was really good. The salad wasn’t drowning in mayonnaise and was made with white meat.  The grapes, cranberries and walnuts throughout the salad added nice contrast to the creamy mayo and nice fresh crunch.  The salad was served with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  Husband’s sandwich looked nice and was served with my favorite side dish: the 40 Carrots carrot salad, a simple salad, comprised of shredded carrots and raisins in sherry vinaigrette.  My grandmother gave me a recipe for this, which I will make and post soon.

I definitely recommend this place for a quick lunch or post-shopping snack.

I give this four stars for both taste and g/f friendliness


One thought on “40 Carrots: Another Bloomingdales Bargain

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