Gluten-Free at TD Garden

ImageI love going to the Garden to see the Bruins play.  I get to go at least once a year, but am by no means a regular.  Since my diagnosis, I have gone to the Garden several times and had to sneak in my own food on each occasion because I could not find any gluten-free options.

Before the game, I picked up some snacks, just in case.  This is of course always an issue because outside food and drink are not permitted in the Garden and sometimes you have to have an argument with security about food allergies.  This time, I managed to get my snacks in without issues, but once inside, I noticed a Kosher food stand and thought, if they have this, they must have at least one venue with a gluten-free option.

So, I found one of an usher and asked her about gluten-free options.  Apparently there is one venue with gluten-free options, but it is on the premium seating level.  The usher was very helpful and explained that even with our non-premium tickets, they would permit us to go to the premium level to get gluten-free food, but we had to be escorted there.  She was very nice and escorted us to the premium level to find the right restaurant. Image

After trying a few of the venues, we finally found the Club Grille is the venue with gluten-free options (burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and hot dogs with fries).  The gluten-free options are more expensive, for instance for 16 dollars, you can a gluten-free hot dog and fries (no drink), but on the regular, menu the hot dog meal offers two hot dogs, fries and a drink.  Considering how hard it is to get gluten-free food into the Garden without feeling like part of a drug smuggling operation, the mark up is acceptable. Image

I was also pleased to see that the grill offered gluten-free baked goods from Something Sweet Without Wheat, a local bakery.  There was a decent selection of cookies and pastries available. Image

I ordered a burger with fries and watched them cook it.  They cleaned the grill before putting my burger on it, but I did notice that at a few points, they still put buns on the other half of the grill to warm up.  If you are super sensitive, you may want to think about ordering a hot dog (cooked on those roller things and not the grill) instead of a burger.  It did appear that they keep one half of the grill dedicated to only meat products and were good about cleaning, so most folks should be ok with the burger / chicken sandwich cooked on the same grill.  I also noticed that they had a fryer that appeared to be solely for fries.

The chef kept my bun separate from the rest of the items on a plate and was extremely careful not to let it touch the counter.  He also seemed to be using a different utensil than those used to cook the other grill items.

When my burger came out, it was hot and juicy and very good.  The bread held up pretty well, I didn’t see it crumble too much.  The flavor of the bread was good.  The only issue I really had was the fries were cold.  Since the meal was so large, I didn’t get any baked goods, but it was great to know that I could get something if I needed it.

So, if you are heading to TD Garden, be sure to ask about gluten-free options and know that you can find something, just not in the cheap seats. Image

In other news, I did ask someone going to Fenway Park to ask about gluten-free options there.  Apparently, Fenway Park now also has a gluten-free kiosk, complete with gluten-free beer!

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free at TD Garden

  1. I went to the Garden last night for a bruins game and took your advice! I got myself the GF pizza! It was good for a frozen pizza…. It was a little cold by the time I got back to my seat but totally worth it! I also got a little snack for after the game… I got oatmeal raisin cookies…. WOW awesome!! Thank you for the information!!!

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