Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies

Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This page is an homage to chocolate chip cookies, the great American treat.   I buy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies as I travel.


These chocolate chip cookies are probably the best that I have tasted to date.  They remind me of a Chip’s Ahoy cookie in that they are crunchy, buttery and full of tiny chocolate chips.  These are better than Chip’s Ahoy because the quality of the cookie is clearly superior.  There is no weird aftertaste with these cookies unlike some other brands.  The chocolate chips are well balanced with the cookie.  These are a total winner in my book.  The cookies are a good size and you get about 18 in a bag.  A bag costs between 4.99 and 6.99, depending on where you are shopping. I have seen them sold at Whole Foods and other speciality grocers. 

Lärabar – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar

Ok, so this technically is not a cookie, it’s an energy bar.  Irrespective of its exact designation, it is easy to grab on the good and tastes just as good as any chocolate chip cookie out there.  At Shaw’s today, I saw these bars on sale and decided to give one a try.  Made from cashews, dates and chocolate chips, these provide a certified gluten-free alternative to the Luna and Clif bars on the next shelf.  The bar is soft and the flavors are well-balanced.  The dates and cashews go well with the chocolate chips and if I closed my eyes, it really was like eating cookie dough.  Would definitely recommend sticking a few of these in your bag / car, it’s a simple, delicious gluten-free snack on the go.


I do like Lucy’s cookies, but I can always taste the bean flour.  I have asked friends if they can taste and nope, no one else can taste it, but I can always tell that this is mostly bean flour, which is good for my colon, but not my palate.  I always want to like these cookies more.  They are sold in Starbucks, which makes them easy to grab on the go.  They do seem more appealing when dipped in coffee, it helps to soften the extremely dry crunchiness of the cookie.  It’s like a biscotti.  The chocolate chips are very small and do not stand out against the bean flavor.  I have also tried Lucy’s sugar and cinnamon cookies.  I like the cinnamon cookies best, the cinnamon conceals the beany aftertaste. 

Pamela’s Products: Simple Bites

This is a good gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.  The small cookie size is nice, they are just the right bite size.  The chocolate chips are flavorful and stand up well to the dough-y, not overly sweet cookie dough.  The cookies are nicely finished with a touch of sugar.  They are soft with just a little crunch at the ends and go perfectly with a big glass of milk.  Best of all, they are available at Whole Foods, Shaw’s and many other local grocers, so no need to fuss around with driving all over the ends of Boston to find a decent g/f cookie!

Patsy Pie

This is a fantastic cookie.  It looks homemade with the lumps and bumps of a homemade cookie.  They are generously sized and crispy.  The cookie base is flavorful and smooth.  There is no gritty texture or strange aftertaste.   My husband could not tell a noticeable difference between this cookie and a regular, packaged chocolate chip cookie.  The cookie is well-balanced with generously-sized chocolate chips.  Patsy Pie is a Canadian company and can be ordered online.  In Massachusetts, one can only buy them at the Natural Food Exchange in Reading.  Check their website for further details.

Sunstart’s Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies:

I found Sunstart’s Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies at my local Christmas Tree Shops.  These are actually from Northern Ireland.  Like the Tesco and Waitrose brands also reviewed here, they are really a tea biscuit.  These cookies contain coconut and kind of remind me of the McVities HobNobs.  They are a little on the dry side, which is normal for a tea biscuit.  They also contain golden syrup (a/k/a treacle), a British ingredient similar to molasses, but much lighter.  The chocolate chips are tiny and overwhelmed by the coconut and golden syrup.  I could barely tell they were there.  It’s a tasty cookie, but quite different to American-style chocolate chip cookies. 

Tesco’s Free From Range

Tesco normally has some pretty good gluten-free products.  However, I found these cookies very disappointing, perhaps it was the kitchen sink tactic that made me less than enthused about this cookie.  The recipe includes puffed rice and coconut.  I am all for innovation in baking, but this combination just doesn’t work.   The coconut provoides little flavor, but lots of gritty texture.  The puffed rice doesn’t add anything to the cookie.  The chocolate chips are tiny and flavorless.   If I were going to fill my suitcase with some cookies from the UK it wouldn’t be these.   I am wholly disappointed, Tesco.  You produced the gray booties that get me compliments everywhere, even on the T, but this cookie just bleh!

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are a solid cookie.  They are crunchy and there is a strong chocolate chip to cookie ratio (in favor of the chocoate chip).  The cookies are thin, most likely because they are so buttery.  Buttery dough does bake out a little more thinly than a floury or eggy dough.  I liked the crispy texture of the cookie and there was no weird aftertaste from the flours used.  These are very satisfying, but not my favorite because I like my chocolate chip cookies a little more doughy and a little less buttery.  This is obviously a personal preference, so you may love these buttery treats.

Waitrose Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I picked up these cookies on a trip to England.  I generally love Waitrose products, they are like an English Whole Foods Market.  However, these cookies were less delicious than expected.  The cookie were good, but they were more like a tea biscuit.  They were not very sweet.  The cookie was really crunchy and had an oat-y texture.  They needed to be dunked in something.  The chocolate chips were too small and unsweetened to balance the oat-y cookie base.  These are decent with a cup of tea, but not worth the space in your suitcase!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I’ve bought the Patsypie cookies from their website a couple of times. Like you say, the chocolate chip are fantastic. Best I’ve had by far. The peanut butter cookies are also excellent. We also tried their crumble pie crust this past Thanksgiving. It’s like the Keebler fill and serve crusts, except it’s gluten free. We served pumpkin pie and you wouldn’t believe how many times we were asked for the recipe. No one realized it was gluten free. I might add, Patsypie is also a very nice company to deal with. Both times I ordered, there was a personal note inside the box. Handwritten yet, believe it or not!

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